Most people think of tables, chairs, baseball bats, bookcases or a source of shade or apples when you mention wood or trees.  But they are so much more!

Acorn (Courtesy of Paula Richards)
(Courtesy of Paula Richards)

It’s hard to imagine that a tree the size of an 40-60 foot tall,   live oak could grow from an acorn that’s less an inch in diameter, or that a 30-40 foot juniper ashe grows from  pea-sized berry.  Trees come in many shapes and sizes, with different types of barks and leaves, can live thousands of years, withstand hurricanes on the gulf coast and fires in the hill country, and provide food and habitat for a variety of birds, insects, and other plants.  Trees synthesize their food using carbon dioxide, water and light, and expel oxygen back out into the air for use by humans and other animals.

Gnarly tree! (Courtesy of Billy Huston)
Gnarly tree!
(Courtesy of Billy Huston)

Even when they die or are cut down, trees give back to the woodlands by becoming a shelter for the next generation of trees, protecting them from grazing wildlife.  They become a safe haven for owls, squirrels, woodpeckers, tree ducks, wood ducks, bluebirds, honey bees,  raccoons, opossums, and other small creatures.     And as they decompose, they provide rich fertilizer for the grasses, wildflowers and young trees.

Trees are beautiful example of how  plants and animals coexist on this living planet.

Live oaks at the dock. (Courtesy of Paula Richards)
Live oaks at the dock.
(Courtesy of Paula Richards)

We are very fortunate at the nature center to have a diverse variety of trees.  A guided hike along our many trails and creeks is a great way to learn about the native trees of the hill country.  Plus, depending on the time of year, we can include wild flowers, grasses, succulents, and other native plants in our walk.

Use the contact form to submit your request.  We will work with you to customize the hike to your interests and to the capability of the group involved.  Organize a group, schedule a trip and come visit us…. we will even let you hug a tree if you want!

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