What is a habitat?   Did you know that there are 142 land-based, 53 freshwater and 43 marine ecoregions, each with specific habitat characteristics?  What is unique about our hill country environment that supports animals as rare as the golden checked warbler or as common as a feral hog?  Why are some species becoming endangered while others are thriving?   Did you know that some animals even seek different habitats depending on their stage in life?

Texas horned lizard Jim Baines
Texas horned lizard. (Courtesy of Jim Baines)

With a basic understanding of what comprises a habitat, we can investigate the area around the nature center to determine the nature of life that is supported and what specific interactions are necessary for a healthy ecosystem.

As with our other nature bytes, we can customize the basic habitat education to create and specific activities to meet select scout badge, core competency, TEKS and STEM requirements.  Use the contact form to submit your request.


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