If you’ve heard the story of Texas weather, a mix of drought and floods, then you’ll understand what happened at the nature center.  In 2007, the hill country had 19″ of rain in one day.  The flood waters broke through the dam at the base of the lake and revealed a magical world.  It created a geological amphitheatre  that has been declared world class by numerous geology professors who routinely bring their classes here for field trips.

Billions of years in the making!
Billions of years in the making! (Courtesy of Paula Richards)

From the basics of earth science to the specifics of intrusions and uplifts, it’s a great place to explore geology in the real world.   The space has been officially dated at over a billion years old.

As with our other nature bytes, we can customize the basic topic to create specific activities to meet select scout badge,  TEKS and STEM requirements and even college field work.  Use the contact form to submit your request.

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