Not all birds are welcome!

An intrusive, loud bird. (Courtesy of Phil Wyde)
An intrusive, loud bird.
(Courtesy of Phil Wyde)

This bird is rarely welcome at the feeders, or anywhere for that matter.   It is blamed for a reduction in the number of song birds in the hill country and elsewhere in Texas.  Unlike other birds, the females of this species do not build their own nests.  These birds seek out the nests of other birds, often songbirds such as the painted bunting.  They lay their eggs in these host nests, often shoving the original eggs out and to the ground.  The result is that the intruders young are raised by the unsuspecting songbird.  Females can lay as many as three dozen eggs in host nests, displacing as many or more songbird eggs.

Do you recognize this unwelcome intruder?

Answer found at this link.

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