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The Upper Highland Lakes Nature Center (UHLNC) is a 501C whose objective is to promote appreciation, understanding, and conservation of the highland lakes area’s natural assets and resources through field-based educational and recreational outreach programs.  Our intent is to make nature personal, from generation to generation, with a special focus on nurturing the next generation of naturalists.

Master Naturalist, Karen Parker, teaches the art of building a birds nest.
Master Naturalist, Karen Parker, shares the wonder of a humming bird’s nest.

With the help of the many Friends of the UHLNC,  we are creating an outdoor learning center for kids of all ages.  We provide learning experiences in nature, in conservation of natural resources and in the various sciences that are related to our natural world.  We are open to all ages, all audiences.  Due to our 100% volunteer staffing,  we prefer groups of 15 or more.

Summer resident, male vermillion flycatcher, just hanging out. (Courtesy of Jim Baines)
Summer resident, male vermillion flycatcher, just hanging out.  (Courtesy of Jim Baines)

We work closely with each group to create customized programs based on age-level and specific interests.  Participants have ranged in age from a young 4 to a youthful 84, and have included schools (public and private), scout groups, local hiking groups, Audubon birders, college classes, and even wounded warrior groups.


Topics have included nature scavenger hunts, bugs, mammals, fishing, birds, hill country geology and archaeology, gardens for monarchs and other pollinators, wild flowers and native plants, native bees, and a range of activities specifically designed to meet scout badge, core competency, TEKS and STEM objectives.  Check out our nature bytes for more details.

This is all made possible through the dedication of many wonderful and talented volunteers, most of whom are certified master naturalists and/or master gardeners.  To schedule a visit for your group, use the contact form to send us an email..

Here are a few of our favorite photos:

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