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Open House this weekend!

We’ve all set!  Covered areas in case the rain falls west of 281, a fire pit to keep us warm, really cool activities, and a grill for the hot dogs. New activities added:  Robert, the reptile guy who’s bringing some of his favorite pets, Craig the “butterfly guy” and Robyn, the bee keeper who’s bringing some tasty treats.   Hope to see you there!

UHLNC flyer Oct 18

Digging History

If you never thought you’d spend a day looking for flakes, you’ll get a whole new appreciation for that term after spending a day in the field with folks from the Llano Uplift Archeological Society (LUAS).  On a beautiful February morning, we hiked up the peak at Reveille Peak Ranch, and found history under a rock overhang.

Digging carefully. (Courtesy of Paula Richards)
Digging carefully.
(Courtesy of Paula Richards)

Noting the site location on their GPS, the team dug holes, carefully measuring the dig levels as they went.  They quickly uncovered debitage, small flakes of stone, which indicated that someone had inhabited this area and had made tools at this location.  The tools might have been scrapers used to skin animals or points for projectile devices.   This technique is called knapping and flakes are a bi-product of that process.  So, finding flakes is a good thing!

Sifting for a bit of history. (Courtesy Paula Richards)
Sifting for a bit of history.
(Courtesy Paula Richards)

We also found pock-marked chips that gave evidence of stones that had been heated to make the shaping easier.  It was hard to drag the scientists away. Their hard work was rewarded with a number of interesting artifacts that will be showcased in the new Nature Center building scheduled to be completed later this year.

Tiny but important find! (Courtesy of Paula Richards)
Tiny but important find!
(Courtesy of Paula Richards)

To give you an idea of how eagle-eyed and diligent these scientists are, we’ll close today’s post with a photo of a tiny projectile point, a Perdiz point (called a bird point ).  These were in use 700 to 800 years ago or younger to 300 years ago (about the time the Spanish were coming through).   We also found pieces of Nolan points (Atl Atl  point) which were in use 4500 years ago (about the time the pyramids were being built).  What an amazing day!