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Currently, we are  a 100% volunteer-based organization, with no paid employees.  Therefore, at this time, we are only open to scheduled, organized group functions.  Even so, we are able to  support a number of events each month and are able to cater to a wide range of groups and interests.  For example, we have supported nature programs for ISD classes, scout groups, home school groups, nature societies and special interest tour groups, military organizations, such as those for wounded veterans, nature clubs (e.g. hiking, archeology, geology, birding, wildflowers), and college and university courses such as those we have done for U.T.,  ACC, A&M and LCHEC.

We will work with you to plan a customized program around our nature byte topics, and to shape them to meet your group’s needs and abilities.  Based on that plan, we will bring together subject matter experts from our extensive volunteer community to make the event educational, interesting and yes, toss in a bit of fun.   Thru our partnership with Reveille Peak Ranch, we can even help you schedule overnight camping for your group should you wish a multi-day event.

100% of donations and membership dues go to support activities at the nature center, from bluebird boxes to plants for the demonstration gardens, from supplies for our water collection project to educational supplies for activities with children and adults.  All monies collected go to support our mission.

If you have suggestions, questions or would like to engage the Nature Center further, please send us an email using the form below to begin the discussion of your plans.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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