A busy start to 2014

A beautiful day at the center. (Courtesy of Paula Richards)
A beautiful day at the center.
(Courtesy of Paula Richards)

January and February are busy months here at the Nature Center!  Top items on our list include installing new blue bird boxes, beginning the work on the new bird blinds and preparing for an upcoming April visit from Brownies from across central Texas eager to work on their bug (aka entomology) and hiking badges.  Additionally, folks have begun working on other topics such as mammal habitats,  wildflowers, and trees in preparation for a visit from the Girl Scouts in May.

Stay tuned as we build out additional resource kits for areas such as reptiles,  vermiculture (worms), anglers, geology, ecology, bats, bees and even geo-caching.   In addition to leveraging the Master Naturalist community, we will be collaborating directly with other organizations such as the Master Gardeners, Native Plant Society, Birds and Wildflower Society, and the Friends of the Fish Hatchery to bring these and other topics to visitors.

As always, the Texas weather will have a hand in shaping our efforts.  Let us know if you’d like to help or if you have groups that you think would enjoy an outing at the Center.

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